Have You Ever Had A Meniscal Tear in your Knee?

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🚨 Have you had a meniscal tear in your knee? 


If you are experiencing deep knee pain, this main be due to a tear in the meniscus which is the shock absorber of the knee. 


➡️ Meniscus tears can be a result from acute trauma or simply due to degenerative changes over time. 


➡️ Acute or traumatic meniscal tears occur from any activity that causes a forceful twist of the knee such as aggressive pivoting or sudden stops and turns.


Symptoms include:


➡️ Pain in your knee especially with twisting or rotating 


➡️ Difficulty extending your knee


➡️ Swelling and / or stiffness


➡️ Catching or a locked feeling of your knee


➡️ Buckling or giving way of the knee


Types of meniscal tears:


1️⃣ Longitudinal tear: these tears are about 1 cm along the meniscus. In some instance these tears can heal on their own. However, if it extends it can result in a bucket handle tear, meaning the tear is complete and unstable. 


2️⃣ Radial tear: most common type of tear, often occurring within the inner 2/3 portion of the meniscus where there is little to no blood supply. Because of this, there is little capacity for these tears to heal on their own. A radial tear may progress to a parrot beak tear. 


3️⃣ Horizontal tear: these tears are frequently degenerative, but can be a result of trauma. They run parallel to the tibial plateau and may progress to a flap tear. This can cause catching or locking of the knee. 


❌ Not all tears are the same. Depending on the size, type and location of the tear, may determine cause of action. Some tears have the capacity to heal on their own through conservative treatment. 


✅ How can a Personal Trainer help?


📌 Personal Training can help you strengthen the muscles around your knee to help stabilize and support the knee joint. 


📌 Help to improve range of motion and reduce swelling. 


📌 Improve functional mobility of the knee and entire lower limb. 


📌 Educate and advice you on strategies to minimize risk of re-injury or future knee problems.